The lung transplant program at Tampa General Hospital has been an overwhelming success. The program was started on June 19, 2002. It received Medicare certification in November 2006 and performed its 100th transplant on June 26, 2007. On November 16, 2008 the program performed the 150th transplant and in February 2010 the program performed its 200th transplant.

Since 2006, the program grew from the 37th, to the 11th, to the 8th busiest program (HRSA) in just three years. In 2010 we became the 5th busiest lung transplant program in the country. The lung transplant program utilizes a multidisciplinary approach by physicians with expertise in pulmonary, infectious diseases, cardiology, nephrology, and gastroenterology. This approach to transplant patient care by physicians who are also intimately involved in multiple transplant programs at TGH has resulted in survival statistics that equal or exceed those of other programs in the country. Updated SRTR data for this center reveals 1 year patient survival of 85% and three year survival of 83%. Our 3 year post transplant survival is statistically better then the national average and tie us with two other centers as the best three year outcomes in the country.

In partnership with Lifelink of Florida, the nationally recognized organ procurement organization (OPO), patients in the lung transplant program at TGH are transplanted at almost two times the nationally expected rates.