In Their Words – Our Patient’s Stories

New Lung Associates is pleased to provide to you a sample of some of our lung transplant recipient patient stories. Some of our patient’s have been featured in news articles and some have written their stories to share with other patients.

1. Brandee’s Story: A young female with pulmonary fibrosis

2. Emily’s Story: A young female with cystic fibrosis

3. Angel’s Story: An older male with pulmonary fibrosis

4. Peg’s Story: A female with bronchiectasis

5. Vance’s Story: An older male with pulmonary fibrosis


Sandra Hammock, Double Lung Transplant

Another lung transplant recipient making news was Sandra Hammock, who is pictured along side her testimonial below. The image of Sandra Hammock is a clipping from a Tampa Tribune news article announcing that she was New Lung Associates’ 100 Transplant! Read the full Tampa Tribune article about NLA’s 100th Lung Transplant. Please also visit our NLA News page for additional news stories and television segments featuring New Lung Associates P.A.

Lung Transplant Recipient“ I was diagnosed with Alpha 1 in 1988. I was started on weekly infusions of Prolastin to help protect my lungs from further damage. As the years progressed, my disease worsened. I was in and out of the hospital five to six times a year. Each time, my family and I feared I would not make it back home. It became difficult to shower, dress, or do basic daily living. In 2005 and 2006, I missed the holidays with family members because I was just too sick. The year before the transplant I seldom left home. It was just too difficult to breath. But not anymore. I just celebrated my 1st year after transplant. WOW!!! I am now able to do all the activities that I missed so much (boating, camping, swimming, and shopping). I just celebrated my 55th birthday with a pool party. I spent most of the day in the pool playing with my grandchildren. It is nothing less than a miracle. I am enjoying my life, my family, and my friends. I never take a breath for granted, and I never forget the Donor that gave me this gift. I thank God and the transplant team for my life. We are so fortunate to have TGH and the wonderful doctors of NLA. Thank you for giving me my life back. A heart felt thanks to all!”

~Sandra Hammock
Lung Transplant 7/14/08