Lung Transplant Program

We have designed this website to be an informative resource to help in your decision of choosing a transplant center. We know that the thought of a lung transplant may be overwhelming. We hope that this site will help answer questions you may have about the process.

Why Choose the Lung Transplant Program at TGH

The lung transplant program at TGH was first started in June 2002. It has since grown into the 12th busiest program in the US in 2009. Our surgeons implanted 38 lungs in 2009. We have welcomed transplant #223 to the program July 2009. In 2010 we preformed 58 lung transplants; the 5th busiest program in the country. Our three year post transplant survival statistics are the well above the national averages and tied with two other programs as the best in the country.

The lung transplant program utilizes a multidisciplinary approach by physicians with expertise in pulmonary, infectious diseases, cardiology, nephrology, and gastroenterology. This approach to transplant patient care by physicians who are also intimately involved in multiple transplant programs at TGH has resulted in survival statistics that equal or exceed those of other programs in the country. Updated SRTR data for this center reveals 1 year patient survival of 85% and three year survival of 83%.

We are a Medicare, Cigna, Optum, and Blue Cross Blue Shield center of excellence.

For more information about the transplant process follow the link to our transplant education site. Here you can find specific details about the transplant process and what to expect before and after your operation.



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